Stand Out On The Shelf

Stand Out On The Shelf

Packaging & Label Design & Printing

Packaging & Labels


We expertly design all types of labels and packaging. From point of sale displays, to self adhesive labels and more, we consistently apply your brand across all labeling and displays. We work closely with clients to develop labeling that enhances your brand strategy, and helps you uniquely stand out on the shelf, instantly adding perceived value. From solid design principles, through essential nuts and bolts like UPC codes, nutrition information and other aspects of package design, Visual Concepts has you covered and will greatly enhance your look.

Whether or not we have created your design, Visual Concepts prints almost any labeling in-house and in stunning full color resolution, at any size and shape. Short, medium or long run labeling needs, call or email for a quite today on your project.

Success Story:

An awesome story of our successful packaging design is the story of Humboldt Chocolates. Shortly after purchasing the business, Humboldt Chocolates came to us for a rebrand focused on package design. Packaging was successfully updated, prices were slightly adjusted and the company broke sales records in the first 2 months following the packaging update. Stand out, be unique, connect with your audience and reap the benefits.


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